Yoga Freaks

Released at: December 29, 2016 by Brazzers
Yoga Freaks: Episode One ------------------------------------------------- In the first episode of ~~Yoga Freaks~~, Abella enters the studio prepared for a great yoga workout and gets a private session with a pervy instructor, Xander, that quickly devolves into an oily massage and fuck. Yoga Freaks: Episode Two ------------------------------------------------ In this episode, Cassidy does a hot yoga session with hard-ass instructor Julia Ann. After a grueling and sweaty session that includes some hardcore lesbian action, Julia calls in her special assistant Charles to help give Cassidy a proper fucking. Yoga Freaks: Episode Three ---------------------------------------------------- On this episode of ~~Yoga Freaks~~, Jade Jantzen enters the studio ready to give it her all. Yogi master Xander blindfolds his young student to enhance her experience. Jade is willing to do anything her teacher asks - even take it from two guys at once. Namaste! Yoga Freaks: Episode Four -------------------------------------------------- After getting groped and stretched in private yoga sessions, Cassidy and Abella meet up for a special group yoga class. Yogi Xander is ready to make this session extra special. But they'll have to work extra hard to impress this perv. Working Out The Wives --------------------------------------------- Summer is more than ready for a session with Keiran Lee. When he's a no-show she storms over to her neighbor August's house and catches the slut in downward dog. Keiran insists the housewives can share him and both do everything they can to get his attention and his cock.

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