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Released at: January 3, 2006 by Dream Girls
Each year, we're lucky enough to film several extremely hot T-shirt contests that get completely wild and out of control! To this day, we're still amazed at what a girl will do... They start by eagerly ripping their shirts to off to reveal their slippery bare tits and by round #3 their panties have been tossed somewhere in the crowd!! Next these sexy sweethearts forego all inhibition, and seductively show off their bush (or baldies.) Needless to say, the crowd goes completely crazy! At this point, these hot coeds are either grinding on one another, the renowned MC, or the lucky guys in the front row! Join the incredible action from front row center. You'll feel the excitement and anticipation as girl after girl rips their shirts off and their panties down as we focus our cameras as close as possible, and in all the right spots - hot, explicit, and uncensored!!

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