Wifey Gets Lucky on St. Paddy's Day

Released at: May 24, 2022 by Touch My Wife Clips
Vic is a certified freak, 7 days a week. And she's all mine. Except when I hand her off to random studs to rearrange her insides. She likes that. And St. Paddy's day is no different. She picks up this guy Damion at a party we were at. She was a little shy to be filmed, but once this stranger got to feeling her up she didn't mind anymore. Once back home, Damion & touch & paw at her, getting her excited. Her pussy is already wet as she freshens up in the bathroom for him. She puts on some hot green lingerie and heads into the bedroom. She is in total awe of Damion's big black cock when she takes it out of his pants. I push her head & slap her arund a bit, helping her face-fuck this stud's meat. Damion penetrates my wife's soaking pussy, it doesn't take very long for her to cream & cum all over his BBC. He holds her hands behind her back as he fucks & stretches her tight hole. Vic's juicy tits sway & bounce as he she gets fucked hard, her nylon legs wide in the air. Damion makes her cum over & over before creamping my wife's freshly-fucked pussy - Happy St. Paddy's Day!

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