Western Fellatio Vol. 2

Released at: June 3, 2018 by SV Entertainment
After a fun day shopping BFF's Suzy and Victoria try on their sexy lingerie they have bought. But it seems they have more than just friend feelings for each other. After a sensitive touch from Victoria, Suzy started kissing her and it all started to heat up. Some sensual kisses here and some nipple play there. They did not stop here, both started to enjoy their wet lust holes and drive each other to orgasm ecstasy. Suzy however still felt like having a cock to play with. Victoria just happened to have a slave around. Both started to lick and suck the veined organ and tease the sensitive purple head. It did not take long before the first cum drops fly through the air. Both girls started licking the pressures protein off the slave's body and cock and they loved the taste so much they wanted more. So they continued sucking and jerking the now very sensitive dick until Suzy received a second portion straight into her mouth which she shared with her friend Victoria.

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