Ultimate Package, The

Released at: June 4, 2019 by Fantasy Massage
Rina Ellis accidentally gets some oil on Quinn Wilde's panties and as they look expensive, she should probably just take them off. The masseuse brings her hands close to her pussy and the more Quinn relaxes, the more she finds herself liking it. Ayumin Anime prepares the massage table for her next client by making sure the room is nice and tidy. When Serena Blair sees that it's not her regular masseuse, she's wondering if the lady can service her. As she oils up her body, Serena starts moaning, enjoying the sensation of Ayumi's hands on her clit. Lily Rader starts working on Samantha Haye's back, trying desperately to get all the knots and tension out. She then starts massaging her pussy and reminds her that she's only done half the massage. Lily rips her clothes off and starts eating Samantha out, who cums in her mouth.

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