TS Love Stories Vol. 5

Released at: January 29, 2020 by TransSensual
This fifth chapter of TransSensual's popular romance series, TS LOVE STORIES, brings a fresh new take on modern love with four stunning TS women navigating relationships and dating in the 21st century. Dillon (Dillon Diaz) hires an escort named Kayleigh (Kayleigh Coxx), but when he arrives at her place, he realizes there's something familiar about her. They used to share a past, and that past is about to emerge from the dusk. Lena (Lena Kelly) hides her desires for her best friend, Chanel (Chanel Preston). This secret desire has created a distance between them, and Chanel doesn't like to see her friend moving away from her. Ella (Ella Hollywood) is tired of hiding her love for Johnny (Johnny Hill). They both love each other, but the weight of it could destroy their respective marriage. Speaking of Weddings, Natalie (Natalie Mars) shows up at her good friend Dillon's (Dillon Diaz) door the night of her wedding to surprise him with a secret she has kept to herself for far too long.

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