Tom And Gerri's Interracial 2: Miami Interlude

Released at: November 24, 2004 by Tom And Gerri's Home Movies
Gerri Marlowe (Sex at 60) meets two of South Florida's horny men. She starts off on her knees bathing their cocks with her tongue. They vie for her attention and she has a hard time dividing her time between the two cocks. A third man shows up and dives right in. Finally she lays back and has two black cocks to play with while the third man eats her pussy. Soon she's being vigorously fucked and still sucking on cock. The man fucking her gets up, comes around and cums in her mouth. Soon she's getting fucked by the largest cock there. He has her yelling and moaning. She gets up on her knees and someone slides under her face to keep her mouth full. They switch places and keep her pussy going. One of the men fucks her facing the other direction, that's a first for Gerri. He soon has her squirting all over him. One of them tries to put a soft cock in her and she pauses to suck on him and get him hard. The others can't wait and take his place. Soon you can see her squirting every time she cums. One of them cums all over her face and she licks every drop off him. She gets another mouthful of cum after one fucks her hard. The last one has her get on her knees, takes his time and soon she has cum all over her ass.

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