Ticklish Housewife

Released at: June 7, 2012 by TicklingParadise.com
Are you ready for some tickling???? Renee is relaxing, reading a book, modeling her socked feet (she does know how to pose!). She gets a call from her wonderful husband, Bob, who is on his way home. She fixes his favorite drink and when he comes home, the games begin! They start on the sofa where he teases her and makes her pose more as he tells her she is his Tickle Toy.

Renee giggles and squirms as Bob has his "foreplay- with her. Then he says, "Let's go to the tickle room.- Renee knows what that means........it will be a long night of tickle play!! She is strapped to the bed. Bob starts by tickling her white socked feet. He just about drives her crazy and then slowly removes her socks, exposing her beautiful, oh so sensitive soles. Now he has to kick it up a notch and he does as he goes after those sweet soles. You won't believe what he does with a toothpick! And if that is not enough, he then rips her blouse off for an upper body attack you won't believe. You will wonder how even Renee can take all of this tickling! Amazing!!

Harley's Test

Harley is getting married..........to Renee's son. Renee has to make sure Harley will be a "happy housewife- so she has to put her to the test. Harley finds herself on the X-cross for an upperbody attack from Renee! First it's just a little tickling. Then more....then more intense.........then with a toothbrush. Harley loves the family and would do anything to prove her love for Renee's son, but this is too much. She wants it to stop, but doesn't want to spoil the relationship. What a dilemna for this very ticklish bride to be! Will Renee ever be convinced that Harley has had enough? You'll have to watch this one to see! Harley is so ticklish and has a wonderful laugh and reactions....and Renee does know how to tickle......a wonderful winning combination!!!

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