The Tickle Channel 29

Released at: August 28, 2011 by David Mack Video Productions
1. Whitney is strapped into my gyno chair, teased and her ticklish spots are searched out. 2. Whitney is teased and tickled with my toothbrush vibrators, paying special attention to her nipples and panty covered pussy. 3. Whitney's wet panties are stuffed in her mouth. her pussy and clit are tickled with feathers until she cums. 4. Whitney screams as her sensitive clit is tickled after she cums. wait until I pull out the toothbrush vibrator. i think she can scream louder. 5. Rene is strapped down tight and tickled hard all over. what a screamer. 6. rene is slowly driven crazy from feathers being dragged across her hard sensitive nipples. 7. If you like how Rene's reactions are when she is teased, wait until you see and hear her when I tickle her pussy, expose her clit and tickle it with a single feather. 8. Foot tickling and foot whipping make this blonde bitch scream thru her gag.

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David Mack