The Spanish Stallion: Lottie Magne vs. Jia Lissa

Released at: January 12, 2022 by Evil Angel - Rocco Siffredi
Powerlifting stud Jesus Reyes trains as a couple of hot female gym trainers ogle him - one is African stunner Zaawaadi. When Jesus' own trainer fails to show up, flirty Zaawaadi takes advantage. Jesus lies on the divan as Zaawaadi bends over, her ass cheeks peeking out from sexy cutoffs she soon drops. Jesus buries his face in her tight ass for a rim job. She takes the length of his big Black cock in her mouth, giving a tasty blowjob. Zaawaadi strips down and crouches on all fours. Jesus fucks her from behind, jamming her cunt doggie-style. Jesus hammers her hairy snatch as her natural tits jiggle. He shoves his dick in her asshole for a pounding anal fuck, and Zaawaadi sucks his dark meat ass-to-mouth. She mounts him for a hard, joyriding buttfuck. They get busy in multiple positions. Ready to pop, Jesus spews his semen onto her lusty tongue. Zaawaadi allows the creamy cum facial to run from her chin to her luscious, dark skin - she moisturizes her boobs her with the spunky payload. Finally, Zaawaadi finger-bangs her gash to orgasm. Petite beauty Lottie Magne strolls outside by a pond, where she meets European stud Vince Karter. They kiss gently as Vince refers to, "their secret place, away from everyone." They swiftly go inside for a ribald rendezvous. Peeling off her top, Vince takes the pale beauty's bite-sized nipples in his mouth and sucks on them. Stripped to her lacy underwear, Lottie struggles to take Vince's ample cock in her mouth. She gives a blowjob; he fucks her face, vigorously jamming his root in her hot mouth. Vince plows Lottie's pussy doggie-style. He pins her legs way back and sucks her sweet cunt. "Make me cum!" wails the delicate lass. She takes his big cock to the hilt in her honey hole. Feeding his fetish, Vince unstraps her heels and sucks her little toes. She strokes his ball sack and shaft with cute, bare feet. Lottie mounts him, taking his ramrod up in her tight clam. An energetic fuck climaxes as Vince festoons her mouth and chin with a copious cum facial. Naughty li'l Lottie is a sack-draining hottie! Foxy female boxer Chloe Lamour and intrepid blonde journalist Shalina Devine show up unannounced at the gym to watch boxing powerhouse Maximo Garcia train. When the pugilistic Adonis shares a lusty verbal exchange with the two MILFs, the three horny people move to a private room. The busty babes share kisses and then strip out of their evening wear, exposing sexy stockings, garters and undies. Maximo whips out his big cock. The two girls service him orally in a dual blowjob. Shalina rides Maximo's face. He fucks Shalina's cunt doggie-style while she licks Chloe's twat. Maximo then pounds Chloe's pussy. Shalina takes an anal reaming, sitting on the champion's meat. Brunette Chloe sops up Shalina's juice ass-to-mouth. Shalina tastes herself as Maximo feeds her his rod pulled from her freshly fucked butt. The debauched threesome sees butts and cunts crammed, slammed and relentlessly reamed. For the climax, two scorching, big-tit MILFs kneel before their prizefighting idol for a cum facial. The ladies swap the semen in a satisfyingly filthy lesbian cum kiss. Cute redheads Jia Lissa and Lottie Magne await the arrival of Lottie's boyfriend - leaving the two babes with time for their own carnal devices. They share a Sapphic kiss. Lottie unwraps Jia like a Christmas present, pulling off Jia's panties and working her young tongue in Jia's box. Naked, Lottie rides Jia's cute face, flattening her cunt lips across the other chick's busy tongue. In 69 position, they lap each other's twat. Lottie brings out a giant pink dildo that she abruptly rams into Jia's slit. Next, they play with a two-foot-long double-headed toy: the lesbian lovers chomp on each the simulated cock heads at each end. Darling Lottie and Jia shove the rubber phallus into their twats at the same time to grind and hump on it. As they hump the dildo, they share foot fetish, each girl popping the other's feet into her mouth! Lottie shrimps Jia while Jia slides her salty tongue between Lottie's pretty, painted toes! The orgasmic coupling includes serious scissoring - two clits pulse against each other in grinding, dual girl-gasms! At the gym, champion boxer Maximo Garcia trains intensely. Enter pretty brunette Euro babe Liya Silver, who stands to the side smacking her lips at the buff alpha male athlete. She slides up to the sweaty muscleman, and as they start to kiss, he palms her bouncy ass cheeks. Clad in her black stockings and garters, Liya kneels to service his meaty prick with a hearty blowjob, exposing her natural tits. Maximo eagerly fucks her mouth. On the gym floor, he eats her cunt and then pries open her dainty hole and fucks it! The powerful champ lifts Liya bodily and holds her up off the floor for an airborne slit banging. Liya's snatch swallows his big cock as the beefy Maximo pounds away. He fingers her gash, making it juicy and wet. They share 69, Maximo munching twat and Liya deepthroating his dick. He prods her vag in multiple positions, until his hose spews like a hydrant, coating sweet, young Liya's young tongue in a nasty oral cum facial.

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