The Orgasm Bar 15

Released at: November 10, 2009 by David Mack Video Productions
1. Michelle Peters rides the orgasm bar. This popular local bondage and fetish model is a real pro and plays to the camera like the pro she is. Once the first orgasm hits and she realizes that this predicament lasts an hour, things start to get serious. 2. Michelle Peters is dancing on her toes. She has cum a few times and can't stay off the wand. She screams 'I'm cumming' before each orgasm and you hear it a lot. She also dances a lot on her toes trying to keep her swollen red clit off the hitachi. 3. Isobel Wren's eyes roll when she hears that she will be bound over the hitachi for at least 60 minutes. Her whole body trembles are she quickly approaches orgasm one. She goes on her toes to try to keep herself on the edge and not cum but she can't stay on her toes long. This first half is an intense fight. 4. Isobel Wren is nearly in tears when I enter, change her gag, and turn the hitachi on high. The tease orgasm comes quickly. I turn the wand on low in exchange for hurting her breasts. But squirming around with the wand on low doesn't excite me. Back on high it goes to tease her.

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