Ten Years Of Teens

Released at: April 9, 2019 by Desperate Pleasures
Once upon a time, there was a plumber, just an everyday average Joe. The typical hard working fella who was just trying to provide for his family, when suddenly he was laid off from his job. With a crumbling economy, another job seemed impossible to find! At least that was until he went to Fetishcon 2008 and found Flips4Sale. Starting in fetish, he and his wife (behind the camera) set out to create JW Ties productions. A few months later, his mother in law pitched the idea he start shooting porn. Not just any porn, taboo porn. With the perfect look of an everyday dad, JW took the plunge and Desperate Pleasures was created. with the goal of getting more twisted by the day! You are about to watch 10 years of teens. From our very first scene to our most recent. You're in for a wild ride!

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Scene14: 03:57:16 - 04:04:45 (7:29)

Scene15: 04:04:46 - 04:08:49 (4:03)

Scene18: 04:47:16 - 05:08:54 (21:38)