Teen Temptations #22

Released at: November 9, 2016 by Roll Over Films
Fantina, Betty, & Louis have a surprising and sexy afternoon when a little bit of horseplay snowballs into an all out threesome. Taking it easy, chilling and reading magazines, our trio have wide open schedules. While Louis is surfing on the Web, Fantina and Betty's interest gets more physical. It just starts with a gentle kiss, without realizing it, they got rid of 'zines and clothes. Louis cannot resist joining in on the fun. What started as an unplanned morning became a real torrid experience. We also spend some time with Cail, who's napping on a couch, relaxing in the sun, but Hannah however, has something else in mind. Without his permission, she's getting into his pants, waking him up with her gentle tongue! Nobody could resist! Enjoy this and much more!

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