Teen Swallowers Vol. 3

Released at: July 8, 2021 by Top Web Models
I love tiny cock suckers like Alex Little. Little hands are my favorite. Especially wrapped around my cock. Hmmm love it. Today's treat at Big Gulp Girls is a perfect little swallower. She told me she loves to suck dick and loves the taste of cum. So I launched out my missile, let her go at it until I just couldn't hold back and squirted several ounces of her nice cum reward. Now here's where it gets fun. Alex loves to play with cum. She likes to feel it in her mouth for as long as she can. Then Gulp its all gone. But she told me by swirling in her mouth for awhile the taste stays in her mouth. Just like you don't wash the hand that shook the celebrity, Alex likes to let the taste linger for awhile. Ok officially in love with Alex! Big Gulp Girls Monday! It's impossible not to love girls who like Big Gulps of cum. Today Binky Bangs is here to get some nice, thick, salty baby juice for lunch! Binky is Latin if you were wondering. Puerto Rican cutie! This is just the way we like them...like a girl looking like she could use a meal. We have some free protein for you Binky! She does her perfect stroking to get that load. And she gives a great effort. She has a little technical difficulty, but salvages by rummaging and scraping all the goodness off her body making sure to lick it all up and do a little head suck to get every last drop! Good job Binky! Hey Scott, check out this absolutely adorable little peach I had over the other night for BIG GULP GIRLS. This girl Briar Rose is the cutest fucking thing I have ever seen. Precious face, softest skin I've felt in a long time, perfect round little ass and she stands at a petite 4'9" tall. I was tempted to put her in my pocket and carry her around with me as an emergency fuck puppet. Her tiny figure had a tough time getting my cock down her throat, but damn is she didn't try her best. Hard to believe this 18 year old cutie is already a total slut for cock. Cant wait to have this girl back for round 2. Wowza. Ok guys its a big teddy bear kinda day at Big Gulp Girls! We have adorable as a Teddy Bear cuteness Gabriella Ford. Marriage material. Yes Wifey, what Honey-Do's can I do for you. And if I get sweaty will you come and lick off me. Or better yet take my fat cock in your pretty mouth, stroke me off to perfection, and swallow my future babies you would bear for me? Is that a yes. I thought so. Thanks Wifey :) Heather Lee is a cute little thing. She has a perfect nice peach-fuzzed pussy that just begs to be pounded raw. What an ass. And perkies just like we like them. Great blowjob girlie. But you can't be a Pornstar at BIG GULP GIRLS unless you swallow. We don you Pornstar! Hey Scott, check out this brand new little strawberry I had on the end of my cock tonight for SHES BRAND NEW. This girl Lucy Foxx has only been shooting porn for 2 days and this is her first ever BJ and Swallow scene! You know me and I love my red heads! In case you were wondering, yes, the carpet does match the drapes. You can tell Lucy genuinely adores cock. The way she looks at it is really something else. I thought at one point she was going to whisper "I love you" directly at the tip of my dick after taking it out of her mouth. Did I mention she had a nice plump booty to go along with her red hair and freckled skin? This chick found her dream job and I'm looking forward to dumping many a loads down her eager little throat. Oh sweetness. Firm assed Mindy Belle just graduated this last June. This 18 year old is just built damn near perfect from head to toe. Love the braids. No hair to get in the way. Those nice nails and hands look great as she gives what can only be described as a blowjob of a girl who's been to some football players Frat parties where quality cock sucking is pretty much all the boys will talk about. Mindy would be the girl every guy on the team talks about. Now here at BigGulpGirls.com we want to see what she's been studying so hard. Now we know. She's gonna get a A+ in Cock and Extra Credit for swallowing. Hey Scott, check out my new favorite cock slut for BIG GULP GIRLS. This girl Paris Cummings has the softest lips I've ever felt. I would've sworn those things were made of velvet. Besides her amazing lips, she had a bubbly personality, impressive deep throat skills and all around enthusiasm for sucking dick. She went right in and started sucking my dick like she was just reunited with her long lost love. She gets everything good and sloppy and just buries her face into my ball sack, getting her face all wet in the process. As usual, I dumped a nice fat load of jizz in her mouth, which of course she swallowed down with a smile! Oh boys guys its an extra special day at Big Gulp Girls! Super amazing Valerie White is here today. This is too good to be true...a sweet cute thing like this who can get you so hard you forget what day of the week it is. Valerie has an ass of an angel, eyes that make you stare, and slutty little goodness to make any guy rock hard! Especially this one. And not just a gulper but a perfect swisher! Yes please may I have another. TWM CLASSICS has indeed a classic. Zoey Nixon is custom made by God for sex. This redheaded teen is an all time favorite. Buttery skin, luscious tits, dick sucking lips, great tight little pussy, and a dirty-as-fuck cum-eating attitude. This is a 2x per day kinda girl who wouldn't get out of the house in the morning without her daily fuck and suck. She would be the one asking for it and for your load. Could watch this girl over and over.

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Briar Rose

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