TBC 339 - TBC 2012 Vol. 5

Released at: March 26, 2012 by David Mack Video
Wenona is a brunette beauty who loves noose play. I pull her on her toes and make her dance while using the hitachi on her, but after a while, I sense that she would like a woman's touch to get her off. I tie off the noose leaving her on her tippy toes to dance some more as Aiyana makes Wenona pull on those tethers every time she cums hard. Next up are Candle and Dixie who are tied, bound and gagged as they are warmed up with a little teasing. No edits are made except to cut in shots from my POV hat camera as I tease these buxom babes. In scene three, Aiyana just can't get enough of making Wenona cum by massaging her clit with the hitachi! Next on deck is the new bondage sensation, 21 year old Casey Calvert. She's here to be tied and teased for the first time in my playroom. But before we go in on Casey let's visit Candle and Dixie again. Candle and Dixie pull each other's crotch rope with their outstretched legs. They scream thru their gags as their nipples are clamped, but scream harder when vibrators are taped to their crotch ropes. In Casey's fetlife profile, she lists diaper position spanking as a fetish. Once she shows me the position, I strap her in it. Once I start in on her, she gets soak and wet! When Uncle Carl hammers her tight ass, she screams, when Aiyana stings her, she drips even more! I finish her off with more hard spanking and vibrator orgasms!

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