TBC 2012 Vol. 7

Released at: May 3, 2012 by David Mack Video
Even while being bound to the pole, the girls are giggling. Candle and Dixie won't be giggling for long, though. Their mouths are packed full and they're tape gagged tightly to shut them up. They both get a Hitachi pressed securely against their tender clits, both controlled with one controller. Their Master teases them and takes them to the edge of orgasm until finally, Candle cums, her squirt running down her legs and pooling at her feet.

A pool of squirt forms at Candle's feet. She rocks the frame with every orgasm. Their Master jerks off watching them cum over and over. When Candle nearly passes out, she is untied Dixie is finished off.

Crystal is all in black. Hair, dress, and bondage tape. Bound for Easter week - crucifixion style. Once bound and teased, the Master lubes a latex crotchrope to make her squirm, pulls out the POV camera and spanks that sweet ass of hers.

Crystal's breasts are slowly filled with clothespins. Great POV shots as the Master teases her. She squirms on her crotch strap as her Master brings over the Hitachi. Her ass grinds into her Master as He works the vibrator while removing the clothespins. She suspended herself as she cums. This is one of the hottest scenes with Crystal ever.

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