Taryn XO Elizabeth 2

Released at: May 25, 2016 by Transational Fantasies
Taryn XO is just about to begin her hot solo scene for Strokers, when she receives a phone call from an old girlfriend. Her friend reminds her of the time the two of them hooked up with a guy, and how much Taryn XO liked watching them fuck. This memory gets her super horny, so she pulls down her black panties and starts stroking her instantly stiff cock. Lying back with her legs spread wide open, her soft hands wander down to explore her sweet ass. She imagines her girlfriend sitting on her face, while the guy fucks her. She continues to fantasize about their sexy threesome, until her friend reveals that she is with the guy right now! Taryn XO gets even harder from hearing the sound of his balls smacking against her girlfriend's ass, and she finally squeezes out a hot, sticky mess all over her stomach.

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