TabooPOV 7

Released at: August 1, 2018 by Eros Arts
**Stripper Sis jerks and sucks my dick** I confronted my step sister after seeing her stripping at a club last night. She is so fucking hot! It was awesome to finally see her naked. She begged me to not tell our parents or her real dad. She is working there while going to college, but her dad would cut her off if he ever found out. It's nice to have something to hold over your hot step sisters head. She offered to give me a hand job, pulling it out, I could tell how impressed she was with how big her brother's cock has gotten. Then she just shoved it in her mouth. It felt so good. Her hot wet mouth sliding up and down my shaft. She wanted this to happen as much as I did. She took off her clothes putting my cock between her big firm titties, then back in her mouth. Sucking and stroking me until I came all over her pretty hand. I think I will keep her secret and visit her at the club more often. I wonder if I can get a family discount on a lap dance? **My horny niece seduced me.** My wife and I recently had a baby and I haven't gotten laid in months. We're so tired that she asked her niece to stay with us to babysit. The thing is her niece is now a smoking hot grownass woman that flips her young ass in front of me all the time. She drives me crazy. I thought I was imagining it because I just need to cum so bad and besides I'm twice her age and her favorite aunts husband. But nope, I was right! She couldn't wait to get me alone and take advantage of me. I went upstairs and she was in my bedroom while my wife was gone. Sitting on my bed, wearing some tiny top that barely hid her full young breasts. She really understands a man's needs for being so young. She gets how I just needed a complete sexual release and she was more than willing to help. I know it's wrong. But I wanted it so bad. She asked me to sit and I did. Then rubbed my cock through my khakis. Next thing I know, she had pulled my rock hard dick out of my pants and is stroking it like she's trying to make a fire. Pulling her top down and showing me the kind of titties I haven't seen since college. She takes off her clothes showing me her firm young body squatted above me stroking me quick and hard with her pretty soft manicured hands. Showing me what a naughty slutty niece she was until I came all over her hand. I hope she stays for a while. **My Stepbrother needs cheering up** My stepbrother is so hot! He's a bit older than me, but I've had a crush on him since our parents got married. I recently turned 18, and I feel like he looks at me differently. But he has had this dumb whore girlfriend that fucked everyone but him. As soon as he came in to talk about them breaking up, I knew it was my chance to show him what a big girl his stepsister has grown into. I just had to find a way to get closer. I offered him a massage to make him feel better, then started rubbing his cock through his jeans. I could tell he didn't know what to do at first. I just pulled his cock out and started stroking it. It was so beautiful, thick and hard. I pulled my shorts off showing him what he could have if he wanted it. Making him so much harder. I liked it a lot. I kept jerking him off and then took off my shirt. I wanted to show him my cute boobies I grew over the last couple years. I stroked him harder and harder. I wanted his cum so bad. Soaking wet, I straddled him and spread my legs so he could see my tiny pussy. I slid my hands up and down his thick brother dick, begging him for all his cum until he shot it all over me. I think he feels better now! I know I do! **Keeping Secrets for my slutty Sister** My step sister thought I would keep secrets from our parents if she sweet talked me enough. Well It was going to be a little more than sweet talk talk, it was going to have to be her sweet mouth. She offered to cook me breakfast. When she knew that wasn't going to work she showed me those perky little titties with dime size nipples. It was a good start. But I was going to need more if she wanted me to keep my mouth shut. She sweetened the pot with a hand job. I could feel my swollen cock and it seemed like a fair trade. Besides I could tell she had wanted this for a while. She pulled me out, spit on it and started stroking it like a pro.Rubbing it on her hard nipples I could tell she was getting off on it too. Rubbing her pretty feet on my chest, stroking my thick shaft and cupping my balls. This wasn't my step-sisters first hand job. I knew she was a little slut. She took of her shorts showing me her pretty bald cunt. She stroked my on all fours while I thumbed her pussy and rubbed her tight little asshole. I loved when she turned around facing me, stroked my cock while I rubbed her pretty pussy until I came all over her tiny firm tit. I guess I will keep the secret this time.

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