TabooPOV 16

Released at: July 28, 2018 by Eros Arts
**Dad, We have to stop.** My slutty step-daughter and I have been fucking since she became legal. She is such a good girl and knows exactly what I want and need. Her tight young body makes me hard like I'm 20 again with her. She is feeling guilty about fucking behind her mom's back and wants to stop. But can't help herself. She had to have my big daddy cock one more time. My sweet girl. She called me in her room and said we should stop. Then said as one last time she wanted to jerk me off in her bed. Laying me down she rubbed my cock through my pants. She took off her shirt showing me her pretty perky titties in her sexy bra. Then just like I taught her she shoved my cock down her warm throat and sucked me hard like a hungry baby girl. Stroking and jerking me she got completely naked and fingered her tiny pussy for me on all fours. Then going right back to sucking my cock, my secret little slut. Eagerly stroking and jerking me until I gave her the tasty special daddy drink filling her mouth and watching it spill out. We'll see how long this "not fucking" lasts. **Cock Lessons for my daughter.** My beautiful 18 year old step-daughter told me that she has only seen one cock and it scared her because she didn't know what to do with it. My wife was gone, and if you think I haven't jerked off thinking about her young tight body in a situation like this before you're crazy. She asked if she could see my cock, I know, I should have said no. But I just couldn't. I layed on the bed. She rubbed my growing bulge through my shorts, pulled it out, and started playing with it. Looking, rubbing and stroking with her young soft hands. She spit on it for lube. I loved seeing the spit fall from her pretty lips. Her hands slightly fumbly and inexperienced just made me harder. Stroking and jerking me, she pulled off her dress. Fingered her sweet little twat with one hand and my cock in the other. Then got on top of me and rubbed her sweet bald pussy on my hard shaft, hitting her tiny clit as she humped me like a pillow on a school night. Hopping off just in time to jerk me off and watch me cum. The excitement in her eyes and her sweet young hands, body and pussy all over me were completely worth the risk. Being a good step-dad has its perks. **My daughter is a stripper.** Since I turned 18, I've been dancing at the stripclub across town hoping my parents wouldn't find out, they would be so mad! They think I've been going to night school. But I've been having fun dancing naked for older men. The other night, a perfect looking man in the corner caught my eye. It was him! It was my step-daddy! I could tell he was surprised to see me, and I was astonished to see him. I think that is the best dance I've ever done since I've been stripping. I loved him watching me like he always has. So I decided to go for it. I got my cutest pink panties and bra and waited for him to come home when Mom was gone. I called him in my room, told him I saw him, and I wanted him. I made him lay down on the bed, took his pants off. I knew he had a big beautiful cock under there. I stroked and spit on his cock like a good girl then took off my panties and bra. I could tell he loved what he saw by how hard he got. Grinding my young wet slit on her leg and jerking him off I wanted his special Daddy juice so bad, rubbing his cock all over my ass and showing him my pretty pussy I pulled on his cock fast and hard until he poured it all over my ass. I think Daddy will come to see me dance more. **Being Adopted Has its Perks With a Hot Sister** Being adopted is awesome when you have a super sexy and slutty "sister". Growing up she would walk around almost naked in front of me making me so fucking hard I would jerk off in my room for hours thinking about her perfect tits and ass. I always felt like such a pervert until my parents told me I was adopted. Every since then, all I can think of is how good my cock would feel in that pretty mouth of hers and how it would be perfectly fine for her to do it. Because, after all. She isn't really my sister at all. I invited her over to see my new apartment. She comes over in hardly any clothes. Just some jean shorts that are more like jean panties. A tiny tank top that I could see her nipples poking through. I knew she wanted it to. She said that she could see the way I looked at her and that she has wanted me too. She wanted to explore all our fantasies. She showed me her ass, then told me to pull out my cock. Sticking it right in her mouth and stroking me. She has wanted to do this for a long time. She got down to her tiny lacy bra and panties and asked me to finger her. I made her cum almost instantly. Then laying back she says sweetly "Put your cock in me" I was happy to do ask I was told. Fucking her tight pussy was amazing. So warm and tight. Getting on all fours she said she didn't care if I came inside her. I slammed my cock deep inside her pouring my hot cum deep in her sugar walls. When we were done she turned over and thanked me for it. Good Girl! I have a feeling we will be visiting each other a lot!

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