TabooPOV 14

Released at: July 24, 2018 by Eros Arts
**Dad trained me well.** When I still lived at home with my mom and step-dad, he and I couldn't keep our hands off each other whenever we were alone. I loved our "games". All these years and I still think about dads thick cock and strong hands when I play with myself. I recently moved back closer to home and my step-dad was nice enough to help me move and get all settled in. He molded me into the perfect slutty woman I am today. I want to show him how thankful I am. I've grown from his fumbly little fuck toy to a grown woman with needs that only he can fulfill. As soon as we got all my stuff into my new place and my mom left, he came to my room. I was on the bed, on my tummy innocently waiting ass-up like I used to do all the time. I know he has stroked his cock thinking about all the men with their hands all over his secretly trained slut over the years. He loved hearing about me doing dirty things with boys when I was younger. Then asking me to demonstrate what I had done on him. He gave me this appetite for cock that I just can't satiate no matter how hard I try. I needed his daddy cum! Pulling my shirt off showing him the firm titties he's missed so much. I wasted no time pulling his rock hard daddy dick out and spitting on it and stroking it! I loved every minute of it and so did he! I wanted his hot creamy jizz in my hands so bad and I was willing to work for it like a good girl. Rubbing my fine ass on his swollen throbbing cock, then jerking him off more. Begging for his cum to explode in my hands and he did! He gave me all of it just like he used to! You're never too old to be Daddy's slutty escape! **My Aunt can't get enough of my cock.** I have been fucking my stepmom's sister for the last couple months. She is way older than me but so fucking sexy and dirty. It's perfect, and we are both in our sexual prime. My parents would freak out if they knew I've been taking my Aunt to "Pound Town" a couple of times a week instead of going to my college classes. Well, my step-mom would be pissed. I've wondered if my dad has ever fucked her? She is such a sneaky, sexy. Horny Auntie. Every time she comes over, she drags my in the other room and makes me cum for her. Don't get me wrong I love it. I'm officially an adult, but I still live with my folks. I'm always worried they're going to catch us, but that is also what makes it hot. She gets me so hard and shows me her huge sexy tits, straddles me, and jerks my hard cock. It makes me want to throw her down and shove myself deep inside her mature cunt. This time she straddled me and rubbed my cock and pulled on it until I gave her all my cum. Then we went back out and talked to my parents like nothing happened. We are so going to get caught one of these days. Maybe if its my stepmom she will want to join in. **My Aunt wants my 18 year old cock** My stepmom's sister is so cool. Now that I'm 18, it's time to get out of my parents house and get a job, so my Aunt let me stay at her place while I'm job hunting. There has always been an attraction between us, I thought it was just a little crush on my end. But, now that I'm staying with her, she told me that she thinks I'm hot as well! I've never imagined that all of my late night wank-fests about her would one day come true, but here we are! As she was telling me her feelings, she reached over and started to rub me over my pants. I could feel myself getting harder, and I could see the desire in her eyes. She opened my pants and pulled out my big 18 year old cock, and wrapped her luscious lips around the tip before sliding the entire thing down her throat! None of the girls in school have ever done anything like that. Auntie needs my cock, and I'm going to let her have it. **Jerking off the other son.** My sister's step-son is so sexy. He has been good-looking for years, but oh so young. I like them young. 18, legal and full of hot cum. I might have to make him cum harder than he has ever came before. I could see him looking at my big boobs lately like a big hungry handsome baby, and I really like it. I'm sure to always wear low cut tops when I see him. I mean we aren't related. I knew he would have a huge beautiful young cock. I'm going to show him that older women are the best women. I asked him pull his cock out and started stroking it. He did it immediately. Then I told him to stroke it and make it hard for me. He did and it was so sexy and felt wrong in all the right ways. It got instantly hard. I pulled down my dress so he could see my big full perky tits. It made him even harder. Then I pulled my dress off all the way and rubbed his cock for him. It was so warm and stiff. Asking him if wanted it faster and faster. Then made him do it himself. I grabbed it back from him rubbing and tugging. Asking him how good it felt. Rubbing his tight about to explode balls. I knew his load was close and going to be huge. Faster and faster he blew his fat wad of cum all over my hand. As long as he doesn't tell his mom. I will do it for him anytime he wants.

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