Taboo Tales Volume 17

Released at: May 30, 2013 by Red MILF Productions
Scene 1 - Rachel Is Made To Watch Her Kids Rachel is a church going mom. Her young 18 year old daughter Kelsie is a rebel. Rachel lectures her and reminds her that she kicked her brother and sister, Anthony and Kimmy, out for being like that. Kelsie tells her mother to shut the fuck up. Rachel runs to her room crying. Kelsie calls Kimmy and Anthony and tells them to come over. Anthony sneaks into his mother's bathroom and grabs her, pulling her into the bedroom. They tie Rachel up to a chair and face her towards the bed. Kelsie is dressed in a horrible slutty outfit. Kimmy is dressed like a slut too. They gag Rachel and begin to have sex. Brother and both sisters all engage. Anthony licks his sister's pussy, while Kimmy makes out with Kelsie. Rachel screams and cries at what she is watching. Her 3 offspring are having sex! Anthony lifts Kelsie's leg up and slides his cock in her, he fucks her deep and slow, making his mother watch. Kimmy kisses Kelsie and sucks on her tits. They all laugh at Rachel and tell her she has made them like this by repressing them for years. Now all they want to do is fuck each other. Anthony does the unspeakable and cums in his sister with no protection. Kelsie wants her brother to impregnate her so Rachel will be a disgrace. He shoots his load deep in his sister. Kelsie spreads herself open to show her mother the cream pie, the cum drips out of her pussy and Rachel sees it. They have her now. Scene 2 - Sharing My Son Rachel's sister, Keri, called and told her that her husband filed for divorce. Keri being a housewife all their marriage had nowhere to turn. Rachel insisted Keri move in with her and her son Brent until the divorce was final. Keri arrived upset and distraught. It was late. Rachel sat her down and consoled her for a few minutes. Brent felt sorry for his Aunt. Rachel turned in for the night leaving the two of them alone. Brent and Rachel had a sexual relationship. Brent was used to it and did not think it was wrong. He began to rub his aunt's leg, telling her he could make he feel better. Keri was a bit reluctant at his advances, but also turned on. He was all grown up now and quite handsome. Keri was not used to the attention and certainly did not feel attractive to such a young man. Brent made his move and Keri gave in. She pulled her panties to the side and got on top of him riding his cock. It felt so good to her. He came in her and she went off to Rachel's room to sleep. Brent knew he could have both his mother and his aunt now. He waited until morning when he had the biggest hard on and crawled in bed with them. Rachel woke and whispered to him to get out; she did not want her sister to know about their relationship. Keri woke up smiling. Rachel looked at them and asked what was up. They just grinned at her. Keri confessed how Brent made her feel the night before. Rachel smiled and knew it was OK with her sister. They both cuddled up close to him and licked his cock side by side. Rachel told her son to fuck her in front of Keri. He took his mother from behind. Keri sucked Rachel's nipples. Rachel told her son to fuck his aunt, he took her from behind. Keri came fast. Brent fingered his mother and they kissed. Rachel came hard. Now it was his turn. They sucked and jerked his hard young cock until he came over their waiting faces. Keri was ready for her divorce and Rachel and her son were happy to have another family member with them. Scene 3 - Our Brother's Love Kelsie is leaving for college. Anthony comes in her room for his goodbye present. Previously Rachel, their mother, had made the two have sex to control them from arguing. Kimmy, the younger sister walked in and saw Kelsie sucking her brother's cock. Kimmy freaked out and screamed for her mother. Rachel came in and explained to Kimmy that now Kelsie is leaving, it is her turn to take care of her big brother. Kimmy was grossed out and Rachel made her sit and watch. Kelsie did not like sucking and fucking her brother either but she got what she wanted when she did. Kimmy was ordered to undress and masturbate while watching them. Anthony fucked his sister while Kimmy and Rachel sat. Rachel told Kimmy to kiss her sister and suck on her tits while her brother fucked Kelsie to orgasm. Kimmy masturbated as did Mother while Kelsie came. Anthony pulled his cock out and shot his brotherly load all over his sister's tummy. Scene 4 - Older Sister Teaches Younger Sister Kelsie has been a daddy's girl for years. She is moving out to attend college. Kimmy is upset that her big sister is leaving her. Their stepmother Rachel is a bitch and Kimmy is afraid once Kelsie is gone she will take over. Kelsie explains to Kimmy all she has to do is keep their dad happy. Kimmy does not understand. Kelsie takes her to their dad's room and shows her what to do. Dad is always lonely because his wife is gone shopping all the time and ignores him sexually. Kelsie learned this early and realized she could satisfy he father sexually and have whatever she wanted. Kimmy was a bit reluctant at first but knew she wanted her dad's attention. She stroked his cock and sucked it. Dad loved that his other daughter was going to do this for him. Kelsie sat on the bed masturbating, coaching her little sister. Dad bent his girl over and slid his cock deep in her tight little pussy. Kimmy gave out a moan, she moaned for him to fuck her. Kelsie watched, biting her lip, hoping all went well. Dad flipped Kimmy over and fucked her missionary. Then Kimmy sucked his cock until he was ready to cum. Dad pulled it out and sprayed his load all over her sweet little face. Kimmy loved her father and knew she would be fine without her sister there.

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