Taboo Diaries Vol. 4

Released at: February 9, 2015 by Desperate Pleasures
After catching her uncle fucking a bound girl in the garage, Britney knew she had to try it. She snuck into her sleeping uncle's room and started sucking his cock. He was shocked but couldn't resist his horny niece. Britney straddled him and shoved his cock in her tight pussy and then begged him to tie her up in the garage and fuck her like the other girl. Rachel: My brother didn't satisfy me so I went to find more cock. Daddy was asleep on the couch and he didn't even move when I started riding his cock. He woke up and asked me in a shocked voice what I was doing. By that point I was so hot and he was so hard we both gave in to our desires. He exploded deep inside me before I could tell him I wasn't on the pill... OOOOpsies. Claire: Daddy left to go shopping and his girlfriend came in to talk to me. She knew I was upset about her fucking Daddy and she wanted to talk. Next thing I knew she and I were eating each others pussies and cumming all over my bed. Daddy came home in the middle of our lesbian lovin' and joined us.

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