Super Marino's Roadtrips Anal Away Days 6 - Northampton

Released at: July 23, 2010 by Super Marino Productions
This porno feast begins with young Rebekah Jordan home alone with blonde bombshell Bev Cocks. Both are dressed in sexy lingerie enjoying girl on girl feminine fun. They double dildo each other, with erect nipples and juices flowing. Of course, no opening scene would be complete without Super Marino slipping his hard cock into both girls. A seedy hotel room in Northampton sets the second scene, with Bev giving the boys a shower show. Dirty Dog, Bob and Super Marino proceed to give her arse a good seeing to. Shannon, housewife slut supreme, arrives and joins in. Marino cums over Shannon's face, then Bob takes over the fucking in spoons. Ian cums over Bev's pussy while Marino puts his cock straight up Bev's bum, and Bob puts his in her pussy. Marino returns to Shannon for a few strokes then spurts over her tits. A great scene! The legendary Vinnie Curran makes an appearance next, supplying two crazy whores who screw the Gang in a run down pine shop. Next Alison, a vicar's daughter, invites Bob and Super Marino in to worship her delightful arse. She is double penetrated and takes a double facial. The boys return home to find Gina G waiting for them! Bob and Super Marino spitroast her in front of a roaring fire to end Anal Awaydays 6: Northampton. Great stuff!

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