Released at: June 18, 2022 by AllHerLuv

Victoria Voxxx and Lilly Bell are hanging out together and Lilly wants Victoria to tell her a story, just like she used to do when they were in college/ Victoria suggests one about robots or maybe rogue alpacas but Lilly insists on a love story and Victoria decides to tell her a story about two women in love. While she tells the story we are transported to a black and white world, complete with laugh track, where we meet baking housewife Maya Wolfe, who appears to be upset by her pie, and her loving wife Alex Coal who has just arrived home. Alex tries to make here feel better with a soft, passionate kiss and all of a sudden the story is in color.

Maya tells her that she is tired of trying to be perfect and playing housewife and that she wants the passion that they ad when they first got together. Alex stares and thinks and then kisses her again as the color floods back as the kiss becomes even more passionate. Alex starts pulling down her dress in order to suck and rub her nipples before working her way to he pussy with Maya smiling and cooing the whole time while they switch off pleasuring each other. . Storytime makes for the best time.

The entire scene is filled with passionate kissing and pussy licking. Soft and sensual but still intense as these long time lovers re-fire their passion for each other.

Back to the real world and their combined efforts to end the story about a lesbian couple in a committed, loving relationship, Victoria Voxxx and Lilly Bell. They have a deep discussion about love and how they feel each other. Lilly is afraid that Victoria is going to get bored and leave, just like Maya Wolfe does in the story. Victoria then kisses Lilly to reassure her but Lilly is still concerned that she only did that because she expected it.

She says she wanted to and they share another deeply passionate kiss while their hands start rubbing on each other. Both ladies take turns lick and sucking each other nipples, making intense eye contact throughout. The clothes then come off and the real loving can be begin as Victoria slides her tongue inside Lilly.

Just like in their story, things start off soft and sensual but then grows into a more primal scene as they both get more aggressive, but not too much, throughout the scene before finishing off with another passionate kiss.

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