Stockholm Sisters

Released at: May 13, 2018 by MissaX
Megan is sitting in detention with a lump in her throat she knows she's messed up, and this one incident could ruin her life forever. Megan is a senior in High School and desperately wants to go to college, her mother has reluctantly agreed to pay for the first semester but with a big stipulation, "if you keep on the straight and narrow. Megan tries to slow her racing heart, she soothes herself by coming up with great excuses for why she's home late. "I'll lie, just a little white lie won't be so bad," she considers, "I'll tell her I was studying at the library, or maybe I'll run by the store and pick up some.." Her thought is interrupted by the door opening, her sister walks in. Adriana sees her goody-two-shoes sister in detention and gasps, "Megan!" Adriana is shocked that Megan would be in detention, but she's used to coming to detention at least a few times a month. Megan begs Adriana not to tell Mom about this, "she wants me to stay in Iowa, you know, like she did.." Adriana rolls her eyes, "you are so ungrateful, you've got a boyfriend, you can get married and take over the farm with him. Mom and Dad are looking to retire already, and you could make good enough money, the work isn't hard for women, and.." Megan puts her hand on Adriana's arm, "I want MORE than Iowa, and you should too. There's a whole world out there, we could be anyone we dream of, we just have to get out of here." Adriana ponders on what it would be like to have a steady boyfriend, marry him, and already have a comfortable life in their cozy little town. She thinks, "I date lots of guys, none of them are any good, but look how lucky she is to find the right guy on her first time dating a guy. Iowa is beautiful and fun, there's parties, festivals, lots of music in Iowa, why would Megan want to leave?" Adriana looks at Megan and searches her mind for the right words to convince Megan to stay. The door opens, Megan's rehearsed apology is at the tip of her tongue, she turns around to see Ms. Cobalt. Jay Kapowski enters the room, instead of Ms. Cobalt. Jay's teacher's pet, and she lets him get away with anything. Adriana smirks, "what are YOU doing in here?" Jay smoothes his mustache and looks at her with his cold blue eyes, "I'm the teacher's assistant, I'm running detention until Ms. Cobalt gets here in an hour." Megan looks at her bratty sister, "please," she pleads with her, "it's just an hour.. we need to be quiet." Jay stiffens his back, proud and arrogant, "I'll expect you to study, or sit silently and reflect on the bad behavior that got you in here in the first place, either way you will. be. ladylike." Adriana scoffs at him, his pride disgusts her. Megan opens her book, inside her text book is an erotic novel, she reads it and bites her lip with excitement. It's the perfect way to pass the time, with Antonio and Maria in a torrid love affair in Mexico. Adriana senses Megan's contentment and looks over to see what she's hiding in the textbook. "Psst.. psst," Adriana hisses at her sister. "Give one to me, please.." Megan shakes her head no, but then sees Jay stir in his chair, she grabs one of her favorite novels and passes it behind the chair to Adriana. Adriana looks at the lusty couple on the front page, a muscular man with deep mysterious eyes, and a voluptuous woman with a tiny waist, bright red lips, her eyes locked on his, and he's holding her like a vulnerable little doll. Adriana sighs heavily, she opens the book and flips to the end, where the good stuff is written. Adriana reads a steamy sex scene, she starts to feel wet, oh-- so uncomfortable, she sits on her foot and rocks her heel back and forth against her aching pussy. Jay brings out his camcorder. He captures the ladies quietly reading, subtly touching themselves, dreaming about sex. He knows they're naughty girls, but how naughty will they be for him. If he captures steamy enough footage he can get anything he wants from them, anything..

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