Stepmom Wars

Released at: January 10, 2018 by City Girlz
Sally's new husband is very wealthy plus he has a sexy young man living in the house Sally's new stepFUCK , Yeah you got the idea , how could that young man ever cause a problem ...... Sally started fucking this stud the moment she moved in....That does NOT sit well with the other StepMOMA Leilani, not only is she banging her stepFUCK , she stole Leilani's husband, house, planes ,cars...EVERYTHING, "The Fucking Whore Stole it ALL" .....We'll just see about this ! ...... Leilani bursts into the home dragging bonerboy with her ....Hey BITCH what The FUCK! He (StepFUCK) told me all about it how dare you fuck this young man................Sally, "do you always just burst into someone ELSE's home? FUCK you bitch , he's of age and he's NOT complaining , but you will be , I know all about you and how you used to fuck over your ol man ,you used to tell me all about it, I'm your friend REMEMBER ha ha, should have kept your fucking mouth shut..... so here's the deal , now it's your turn to fuck steppyboy or I will have your alimony CUT OFF who's the whore?

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