Stacy Starr - First Solo

Released at: January 16, 2017 by GA Photo
Ok, so my jaw took a real beating shooting this newcomer Stacy Starr. First she contacted me and told me she picked my site to do her first porn shoot. My jaw hit the floor when I saw the cell phone pics she sent me of her big tits. Then my jaw hit the floor again when she got out of her car to meet me for the shoot and I saw those BIG TITS in that black summer top. After I recovered enough to run the camera for this video, my jaw took another beating when I saw her furiously pounding her pussy with the toy. Then when she turned around and showed that luscious full ass to the camera and started pounding her pussy with the toy doggystyle I almost lost it! She is from a very small farming town in the middle of nowhere, Iowa. Here you thought they just grow big corn crops in Iowa. They also grow some very big tits on some very hot girls. Hands down she is one of the hottest midwest girls we have discovered. Includes bonus footage at the end where she randomly starts sucking my cock.

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