Spunkmouth Volume 1

Released at: July 31, 2006 by Bachelor Pad Productions
Meg - Age:19
Meet Meg. I hooked up with this little cutie through a newspaper ad. During my interview, I asked her if she had any fantasies that she might be willing to act out on camera. She told me she had always wanted to get fucked by an older guy- like a man 2 or 3 times her age. She said she's not really turned on by men her age and would like nothing more than to be (I quote) "a sex pet for older gentlemen." Damn, who would have guessed? I told her I could hook her up. You should have seen how excited she was- I thought she was going to orgasm right there. On the day of the shoot her panties were soaked from the moment she arrived, and she just couldn't wait to serve her Sugar Daddy's cock.. like a good little pet.

Riley Mason - Age:20
Riley Mason is a brand new starlet to the porn business. She's from North Carolina, and she sucks a mean cock. Riley brought along a slutty little fishnet catsuit and gave me a nice asswiggle and pussy fingering routine before I brought in well-endowed cocksman James Deen to pound the living fuck out of her. Watch how Riley doesn't waste a single second getting that fat dong in her mouth once James steps on set! By the end of her cockstuffing, Riley's ass is covered in red handprints and her face has a thorough cum glazing. Enjoy Brothers..

Lisa - Age:18
Ever ask yourself what make your average "girl-next-door" type get fucked and spunked on film? Well, here's one answer for ya: REPOSSESSION...in Lisa's case, after you've hocked all the shit you own that's worth anything, asked everyone you know for a loan (and been turned down) there's only one thing leftto do so you can keep your car: answer an ad in a weekly newspaper and hope for the best. So, in Lisa's first-ever starring role as a Porn Whore, she succeeds on all levels: getting pounded, getting a spunked mouth, and getting her car out of hock. Congrats Lisa! (For some reason, I don't think we'll be seeing much more of her in Porno Land...in fact, if you do, let us know! :)

BJ Swallows - Age:20
After BJ's 4 man cum bath, we decided to hire her for a shoot with Doctor Z. Z had witnessed the video, and he was rearin' to go. BJ heard about his big log and cum-shooting ability, so she was fired up, too. The result is another superb Spunkmouth shoot. Z pounds the shit outta BJ after getting a blowjob. They go 69, doggie, spoons, and plain, good old-fashioned missionary before Z dumps what is the biggest load we've seen in sometime. It was priceless watching her wash the cum off her pretty face. She really needed to jump in the shower, though, cause as she left the room, her hair was still a sticky mess!

Vikki Vette - Age:29
So I fly out to hang with The WhoreMonger for a few days. First day I'm there, we're hanging out around his ridiculous pool and his ridiculous new plush pad. A couple of his friends are over and we're partying - Anyway one of WM's old broker buddies is bragging about how he's dating a pornstar. I jokingly tell him, "If you're telling the truth, get her over here to fuck us all for FREE and I'll shoot it for Spunkmouth, dude." I'll be damned if he didn't flip open his cell and the next thing I know, just like that, porn-hottie Vikki Vette is on the freeway heading over to the house. Like all porngirls, Vikki showed up about 90 minutes late.. by that time I was buzzed out of my mind and worked the camera like a monkey- I couldn't even get freaking wood! Vikki, however, did a nice vibrator session for us and dropped to her knees and fucked every guy who hadn't partied too much (the grand total being two). During the scene I actually dropped the fuckin camera in the pool, so my apologies if there are any tape glitches- this was spontaneous porn fuckin! I had the freakin *gardener* working a second camera too - some college kid- he was elated to do it, and shot the thing with a fuckin rod sticking out of his pants but I couldn't talk him into fucking Vikki on film.. (she blew him off later, but he wouldn't let anybody touch the cam) Geezus, what a spectacle.. WhoreMonger lives like a king.

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