Special Delivery

Released at: July 21, 2021 by Lezlove Video
A Lezlove.com Exclusive! Re-released July 23rd, 2008! aka The Private Diaries of Nicole Sheridan. Millions of packages travel around the world every day; we pass by UPS and FedEx drivers all the time, without so much as a second thought. But underneath that plain brown uniform beats the passionate heart of someone just like you and me, and under those plain brown shorts beckon the eager loins of a fantastic lover... That gorgeous girl delivering flowers next door could be an angel sent from heaven itself -- you never know... Find out. Watch as Nicole signs for a special delivery with her toes curled tight with ecstasy. See Tommi moisten all of Nicole's flaps, and help 'em seal their exploding passions with many sweet kisses. Watch as they deliver themselves up into each other's arms and into purest sensual bliss. With a surprise ending and two of the most beautiful ladies you've ever seen, this is one tale that you can't pass up. Send this as a gift to a friend or lover, and be sure to box one up to take home yourself!

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