Solomon's 7th Heaven - Scarlett Fever And Hollie Mack

Released at: June 2, 2015 by Digital Videovision
Solomon's two youngest (and therefore, favorite) wives are Hollie and Scarlett. They love to eat out each other's tight little pussies, but they always argue and fight for Solomon's dick. Good thing Solomon is far wiser than his namesake, and doesn't split his dick and give them each a half; he knows the WISE choice is to fuck them both! So, for starters, you will see them showing you what a good time is supposed to look like, first in the shower, and then the bath tub, where they both go at each other in ways that only girls know, and are later joined by Solomon in the bedroom and on the couch where he gives them both the fuck of their life to finally explode all over both of their tight little pussies.

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