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Released at: September 28, 2019 by Crave Media
Suspect and accomplice were caught by LP officer after suspicious movement throughout the store. Thieves' identifications were put through the store theft system. Male suspect had a record, female was clean. Male suspect had a lot more to lose, therefore was pressured by LP officer to make his accomplice please him. LP officer was highly satisfied with the result. LP team has been brought to this location due to thousands in unaccounted for merchandise. Suspect was tiny and swift, able to grab large amounts of merchandise quickly and sneakily. LP officer got two steps ahead and set a trap for this little devil. After being caught, Suspect sat nervously in backroom LP office. This transgression turned into quite the sticky situation. Young suspect was caught stealing and called their stepmother for help. Step-mother then came to LP office and convince the officer into giving the suspect a much lighter sentence. Even though police were not involved, suspect was subjected to witnessing the coercion and scarred for life. Suspect was seen on CCTV camera entering changing room with a suspicious amount of merchandise. Although suspect came out with what seemed to be all of it, LP officer had a feeling of thievery in his gut. Suspect was taken to backroom LP officer for a strip search, which revealed the LP officers beliefs to be true. Since already stripped down, LP officer did not hesitate to further investigate the situation.

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