Sex Hunger

Released at: August 8, 2023 by Hollandse Nieuwe
Maybe its the fact that they live in the capital of sex, but theres simply no denying the fact that the girls in this latest escapade from Amsterdam Amateurs are simply gagging for cock. So much so, in fact, that theyre only too happy to suck and fuck pretty much the very first moment they meet the lads who are providing all the man-meat. Of course, given the citys reputation, youre probably half-expecting these kind of reactions anyway; but it still comes as quite a shock to realise just how utterly brazen the likes of Lisa Lefevre and Nathalie Tess actually are. Not that youll be complaining by any means, of course. Youll be too busy wanking yourself senseless; whilst these hussies take on load after load for your pleasure!

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