School Bus Girls 2

Released at: January 1, 2006 by Notorious Productions
Avena decides to hide out in the back of the school bus to smoke a doobie. Next thing you know, she's smoking cock when the school mechanic catches her. Oh well, better a mouthful of hot cum than having the principal find out. Poor little Leah is really feeling sick after a long field trip bus ride. In fact she is feeling so sick she pukes all over the bus. She desperately needs something in her mouth to get rid of that wretched taste. Will the school bus driver's sweaty cock do? Look at her go. She sure is feeling a lot better with a dick up her ass. Johnny the school nerd hits the big time when he loses his virginity to Ms. Tucker the school bus driver. Hell, up till today he had only sex with himself. Now he's getting his cock sucked and getting to fuck the driver in the pooper to boot. Throwing eggs at the school bus can get you into trouble. Just ask Jackie. She has to spend her Saturday cleaning buses. Next thing you know she's polishing the bus drivers cock with her mouth. Getting banged in the back of the bus is definitely up this little trouble makers alley.

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