Scarlett Lee

Released at: April 20, 2018 by Transational Fantasies
New face Scarlett Lee is a Houston girl who just moved to Seattle. She misses the sunshine, but knows how to have fun on a rainy day! This is her first time ever shooting an adult video. The beautiful princess loves music, sports and art. She's a dominatrix in her spare time, but she also loves giving head because it makes her feel used. She rubs on her floral panties and a cute girl ball pokes out. She pinches her super sensitive nipples, and you wonder if she'll cum right then and there from the erotic stimulation. She smiles down sweetly at you in between moans. "Do you like feet?" she asks. Before you can answer, she shoves a delicious footsie into your hungry mouth. Next, she lifts her feet above her head and rubs her scrumptious butt cheeks. Lube her slit up with your tongue and slide your huge cock inside. She needs it so bad. "Fuck me more," she begs. She wants to fill your hot cum! "Paint me with your cum," she screams. "Don't you dare stop!" How could you? Now, bow before your Goddess and worship her trans girl love stick. You take all of her in your mouth and play with her balls. Doesn't she feel good down the back of her throat? Finally, Scarlett strokes herself while you fuck her until you cum together.

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