Sandy Does Hardcore

Released at: February 23, 2007 by Metro - Viv Thomas
Poolside Pranks - Watch as the world's baddest bi-babe Sandy tries out some hot Thai bead bum fucking on her willing partner Suzy, around the pool. Sex and Games - See Sandy chalk up a first in hardcore heaven as she does close pal Sophie right on cue over the pool table with a huge double-ended dildo. Bedroom Bedlam - This time, it's the turn of sugarbabe Samantha to be on the receiving end of Sandy's big, pink buzz-toy. See the bed positively quake as our girl gets her fill. Blue Movie! - When Sandy catches Daniella watching a blue movie, sex-goddess Sandy can't resist getting down to some deeply dirty anal action of her own. Nightfever - What could be more romantic than Sandy getting randy with sexpot Sash under the stars, licking, loving, and lapping at each other's dreamy pussies. Heavenly, horny and amazingly porny.... Bar Business - Here Sandy hooks up with shag-slut Sandra for a filthy lick-out session over the bar.

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