Samantha Jolie Loves Max Bourne

Released at: May 15, 2018 by She Loves Her Man
Blonde bombshell Samantha Jolie loves a rough looking guy who is actually sweet. With his shaved head and body, fiery tattoos and tight build, Max Bourne looks nasty, though he's really quite nice. He loves laying back on the bed watching Samantha swallow his dick. When they're both naked he takes his time licking her nipples before they get in the 69 position. He lays on his side and lifts his leg so Samantha can give him a rim job. Afterwards, Max gets into some serious fucking taking Samantha in multiple positions. His muscles tighten up with each and every thrust. Max Bourne cums all over Samantha Jolie's tits showing her his nasty side.

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