Ryane Lenox

Released at: November 23, 2016 by Brazilian Trans Girls
Brazilian hottie Ryane Lenox is relaxing at home with you on a lazy Sunday. She's lounging around in sexy, black lingerie and thigh high lace up boots, which suggests to you she's in the mood for a little afternoon delight. Her lovely black hair falls down her back as she slips off her bra and exposes her big, yummy titties. When she puts her ass up in the air and looks back at you begging you to fuck her, you can't resist. You would love to cover her smooth, cappuccino skin with your own milky white cream! Not just yet--she wants to tease you! You salivate as you watch her jerk her huge dick with little panties hanging off. She stands above you, and you can see the reflection of her stroking in the mirror above you. She spreads her juicy wet ass cheeks wide open and rubs the tip of her cock against it. You wish she'd sit down on your face for a nice long siesta--while your tongue has a fiesta on her trans girl pussy. But, you'll just have to lie back and try to relax, as you watch her stroke her big shaft and rub spit into her shiny head. On her knees, Ryane milks her cock until she squirts out a healthy serving of trans girl cum all over the bed sheets. She scoops some of it up with her fingers and feeds herself the white, sticky mess. If you're lucky, maybe you'll get a taste too.

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