Russian Institute Lesson 11: Pony Club (English)

Released at: May 12, 2009 by DORCEL (English)
The "Russian Institute," a luxury boarding school for young heiresses of the Moscow upper middle class where nothing is neglected to complete their education.Last innovation, the opening of a "Pony Club" where the young heiresses practice another kind of riding with their instructions' complicity. Thus, the pretty Natalia catches her girlfriend in the straw with two males and joins them for bold double penetration. Mischievous, the girls tease men around and give up riding caps and jodhpurs to have their pussies and anuses smashed, often both at the same time. And when men are exhausted, some of the girls use their tongues, their fingers, or huge dildos to satisfy their libido.Dressed with blazers and tartan skirts, very provocative and graceful young ladies offer you the sight of their ecstasy when they reach the climax.

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Alex Forte

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