Rubber Clinic

Released at: April 9, 2018 by Television X
Patient 519 is a deviant beast who needs special treatment* and he certainly gets it at the hands of gorgeous French nurse Angel Summers* dressed in the finest rubber gear! Nurse Paige Turnah pays a visit to a rubber-clad fetishist who needs special handling. Patient 271 hangs from the ceiling while stunning fetish nurse Rebecca More teases him to the point of no return. Lissa Love is a stunning beauty in rubber. When dirty doc Jay sees her amazing body he can't resist turning on his bedside manner. Patient 101 Lou Lou is a beautiful doll-like creature who is bursting with sexual energy.

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Scene1: 00:00:17 - 00:22:20 (22:03)


Scene2: 00:22:23 - 00:48:28 (26:05)

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