Room, The

Released at: May 23, 2018 by California Star Productions
Krissy approaches the exterior of a house that appears to be quite ordinary. She is oddly happy to enter as she is led to the interior of "The Room." There we find Mistress Gemini, a disciplinarian well known for her actions and use of implements. Awash against the walls hanging leather straps, paddles, riding crops and swishy canes. Gemini places her across a leather bed, and she is given hand spankings as clothing is deftly removed. Her pleasure is easily seen, and where most women would scream in pain Krissy is seen to enjoy her pain. Spread eagled against the wall the cane is methodically leveled against her soft skin as if playing across an entire keyboard. From the knee to the thigh the cane leaves red stripes across pale skin. And pleasurable moans are heard to reverb through this dungeon like room. When it's time to leave her place is taken by a lovely dark haired beauty known as Gia. Oh the pleasure she too is about to receive!

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