Rodney Moore's Different Strokes: Drool Job Planet

Released at: July 4, 2005 by Rodney Moore
Wetter, sloppier, messier, slimier, droolier, and more disgusting than the initial visit, Rodney returns to Drool Job Planet to find 11 girls who can't control their spit and saliva, letting it pour profusely out of their cock-stuffed mouths all over their luscious breasts and into the eager hungry mouths of the designated drool and dribble bucket girls. Highlighted by an incredible scene where 3 lucky guys each get a quadruple blowjob (that's 4 girls sucking one dick at the same time), and the one you've all been waiting for, Bobbi Bliss, the blowjob queen of the planet, deep throating 2 of the biggest black cocks in the world, Mandingo and Byron Long. If plain old regular blowjobs just don't cut it for you anymore, you need to pay a return visit to Drool Job Planet.

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