Released at: April 22, 2005 by Sin City
Adrenaline. The rush, the thrill, a heart-stopping sexual blast that blows anything else away. Enter the world of extremes, the world of Jonny Dark, a deep cover secret agent who infiltrates a band of over-the-edge surfers on a bank robbing crime spree. Sirus, the manic leader of the gang and agent Dark play a cat-and-mouse game of wits and guts in the surf and in the sack and over Sirus's ex-girlfriend the wildly beautiful Sapphire.

From the first explosive moment, "Riptide" rips away all conventional adult cinema in a tidal wave of raw wild sexual energy... from the stunning visuals to the breath-taking women and the pulse pounding, mind-bending action in and out of the surf! Sin City Films' "Riptide" sets a new standard in adult erotic entertainment!

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