Rick Savage Medical Fetish Scene 10

Released at: September 1, 2011 by Rick Savage
It's dominance and submission in the medical room. To the best of our knowledge, this is the only time that the great bondage model Elkie Cooper has submitted to legendary Master Rick Savage in a bondage video. We begin with redhead Elkie dressed in vintage lingerie, on her knees, head bowed, in the medical room. Elkie's bangs and lingerie style might remind some of another great bondage model, Betty Page. After circling his prey a few times, Rick commands Elkie to rise. He lowers her bra, ties her arms behind her back and begins his in-depth breast exam. As Savage fans are well aware, he has a penchant for bare-handed tit punishment. Rick doesn't let us down as he presses deeply into Elkie's perfect, natural tits, painfully squeezing and twisting, bringing the most delightful gasps from his pretty red-haired patient. After much squeezing and twisting, suddenly...a HARD slap to one of Elkie's luscious milk mounds. A look of shock crosses the veteran model's face as the tit play/breast exam just got taken to a whole other level. An extreme tit spanking now ensues as Elkie's melons bob and jiggle with each slap. Rick halts the tit spanking momentarily to press deeply into her tits and seemingly attempt to lift the model off the floor by pulling up on her natural breasts. He doesn't succeed, but the attempt sure is fun to watch. Rick takes a leather flogger and now gives Elkie's soft, ripe tits a good old-fashioned breast beating. Elkie's prominent, thick, articulate nipples are at full erection now, and several times the very tips of the leather flogger seem to nail Elkie directly on her hard nipples. The bare-handed punishment and the flogging continue, and we are witnessing some awesome tit play.

Time to add breast bondage to the mix as Rick constructs a nice bra for Elkie out of rope. The rope squeezes her boobs, causing them to jut forward, bulging nicely. An intensely harsh tit flogging follows. Rick adds a blindfold to Elkie's situation so that she cannot anticipate the blows to her tits. And Master Savage cannot resist occasionally pausing the flogging to reach in and squeeze those luscious sweater puppies with his bare hand. Then, more rope bondage. Rick ties Elkie's ankles together. He ties her knees together. Then, his riding crop begins to taste Elkie's beautiful body. The wide leather flap at the end of the crop takes special aim at Elkie's panty-covered pussy and her incredible derriere. Elkie has those soft, almost teardrop-shaped butt globes, and Rick's crop punishes it them severely. After a significant amount of butt punishment, Rick buckles a red ball gag into Elkie's mouth. The ball gag arrives just in time, as sturdy clothespins are now affixed to Elkie's thick, erect, sensitive nipples causing such delightful squeals. The nipple play increases in intensity as Rick uses his crop to smack and bend the clothespins. Elkie's sense deprivation continues as Rick places a full, cloth hood over Elkie Cooper's head, then continues to flick the clothespins. The camera finally fades.

When the camera fades up, it's directed directly at Elkie's totally shaved pussy. For such a trim model, Elkie has wonderfully full, thick, articulate inner and outer pussy lips. A truly succulent pussy. As the camera widens, we see that a strait jacket has been placed over Elkie's upper torso. Our redheaded slave patient tells us she's never worn a strait jacket before. Rick tightens the arms on the jacket. The ball gag is put back into Elkie's mouth as Rick explains, "Don't want Elkie's screams to frighten the other patients." Savage's riding crop now takes direct aim at Elkie's stunning ass. As the harsh blows repeatedly cause Elkie's cheeks to jiggle and dance, something else has happened. Nice red marks, the shape of the leather flap at the end of the crop, are growing in clusters. Elkie's rosy cheeks are quite colorful now. This is a really hot cropping on an incredibly pretty tushie. Several times, Rick's crop smacks down hard on some sweet spots - the area where the upper thigh ends and Elkie's butt cheeks begin. It is SO nice to watch Elkie dance and squirm with each hard crop to her red bottom.

Time to focus on a different part of our sexy redhead's incredible anatomy, so she's released from her restraints and placed into a completely different rope bondage position. Sitting on the gyno table, Elkie's wrists are bound together behind her back. An elbow rope is used to pull her elbows together, causing Elkie's beautiful, natural tits to jut forward very nicely. Her thighs are bound to her shins, and a piece of bright pink twine is used to tie her two big toes together. This position puts Elkie in a sitting position with her knees splayed wide open. Rick now uses his small rubber flogger to inflict pussy punishment and more nipple pain. The nipple play seems excruciating. Elkie's fat nipples must still be tender from the earlier nipple pain. And small as it may be, the rubber flogger is no doubt much more painful than the leather flogger Rick used earlier. Repeatedly, the strands of rubber spank Elkie's nipples and shaved pussy. Then, Rick decides that Elkie's beautiful pussy lips need decorating. He uses tiny hair clips with wicked little teeth. With the clips painfully biting into Elkie's labia, Rick begins tapping, pressing and toying with the hair clips. OUCH! He then leaves Elkie alone for several minutes so that she can meditate on her pain.

For Elkie's final bondage position, various types of bandages and medical articles are used to create all the restraint. Gauze wraps around Elkie's head, essentially blindfolding one eye and passing through her mouth, serve as a gag. Different types of slings are affixed to each arm, and an ace bandage is used to tie Elkie's wrists together. One foot is standing on the floor next to the gyno table, and an ace bandage is used to tie Elkie's other high heel-adorned foot into one of the stirrups. Elkie's bald pussy is completely exposed and vulnerable, as are her very erect nipples. The nipple and pussy punishment is now administered with a ruler. After several excruciating minutes, Master Rick tops off this erotic piece of medical restraint bondage with a large hair clip with many sharp teeth being affixed to Elkie's succulent pussy. Our redheaded super model writhes in pain as the teeth repeatedly bite into that most sensitive part of the female anatomy. Finally, the hair clip is left in place, and Rick's camera fades, leaving our classic Betty Page-model in a very uncomfortable state of distress.

Elkie Cooper is delightful to look at from any angle, and all the more so when she's placed in various bondage positions. Add good, old-fashioned corporal punishment delivered by the talented Master Rick Savage, and the result is a very exciting bondage video.

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