Private Moments 140

Released at: June 3, 2022 by abbywinters
As Francisca sits on Catalina's lap, they become enchanted by exploring the similarities and differences in their bodies. Caressing each other's chests over their tops, they discover that they both use coconut oil to keep their skin soft, and never wear bras. When they happily make their hard nipples kiss, Francisca declares: "I'm really getting very horny!". Within seconds, her dress and Catalina's trousers are on the floor, and they're touching themselves over their panties. Francisca is thrilled to discover Catalina's armpit hair and full bush, which are the opposite of her smooth tan lined body. "I love this, it's so sexy!" she exclaims, and Catalina looks delighted to be admired. Masturbating side by side, the girls realize that they each love using lots of fingers. "I can fit my whole hand! Wanna see?" Catalina announces. Francisca's face glows with excitement as she leans forward to get a good view of her friend's pussy being filled up. Francisca manages to get four fingers inside herself, and sticky sounds fill the air, as the girls lock eyes on each other's open legs. Catalina reaches orgasm first, her whole body shaking and flushing pink. The beautiful view pushes Francisca over the edge, and she shudders and moans in ecstasy. "That was intense!" Catalina giggles, as they make intimate eye contact in the afterglow. Clad only in a leotard that draws our eyes to her long legs, Delfine awakens from a nap and checks her clock, happily discovering she has enough time to enjoy herself before facing the rest of the day. She traces circles on her nipples, then tugs down her top to reveal her pert breasts, as one hand drifts between her thighs. Reaching down to undo the buttons at her crotch, with a satisfying pop, she slips off the one-piece outfit and settles into a comfy pillow, to lovingly stroke her pussy. Delfine nestles her hand into her neatly-trimmed patch of pubic hair, rubbing with skilled fingers that make her dangling labia bounce. Her brow furrows in concentration under her stylish fringe haircut, and her mouth drops open, as her breathing gets heavier. When her orgasm arrives, she moans and shudders with release, but her busy hand doesn't stray from her clit. Delfine knows her body and desires so well, that it takes her two minutes to masturbate to a second blissful climax, and then a third. With a satisfied smile, she spreads her vulva and admires the glistening pinkness inside. From the moment Alexandra and Delfine begin chatting about their masturbation techniques and shared love of multiple orgasms, it's clear that they feel very comfortable together, and excited to explore. "Should we continue the conversation with our shirts off?", Alexandra asks with a cheeky grin, and they eagerly caress each other's bare breasts. Delfine looks so lovely sitting topless in jeans, that Alexandra can't resist playfully leaning over to unbutton her trousers. Once they're nude, the girls admire the contrast between Alexandra's silky-smooth pussy and Delfine's neat bush, then get lost in dreamy arousal, as they touch themselves. "It's like having real live porn in front of you!", Alexandra giggles. "This is the best way to masturbate" Delfine replies. She climaxes first, tensing up as she's overcome with a burst of pure pleasure, then watches Alexandra's blissful release with a dazzling smile. The girls agree that masturbating together is a brilliant way to meet a new person, and make plans to start doing it on first dates. "Do you want to do one more orgasm?" Alexandra asks, and Delfine is thrilled. They get so turned on gazing between each other's open legs, that they cum very quickly, at the exact same time. "It feels like we've been friends for years now!" Alexandra exclaims, and Delfine beams happily at her in the afterglow. Over a year after her delightful debut shoot, bubbly American Paisley has ventured to Europe for the next steps in her abbywinters journey. Relaxing in bed with her shapely legs akimbo, she finds some sexy images on her phone and caresses her chest over her tank top, then gently rubs herself between her legs, under her silky pink shorts. Murmuring with excitement, she cheekily bites her lip and whips off her clothes, revealing her pink vulva adorned with fuzzy blonde curls. As she settles in for an indulgent masturbation session, it's beautiful to see how well Paisley knows her body, and how to satisfy her sexual needs. She lovingly gives her pussy long strokes up and down, then penetrates herself for a bit while moaning "wow, wow, wow!" After sensually sucking her fingers, to enjoy her own taste, she focuses on vigorously massaging circles on her clit. Keeping her legs wide open to provide a perfect view, Paisley looks into the camera with smoldering eyes, imagining all the people watching her touch herself. As she's overcome by a euphoric release, her freckled face and chest flush pink, while she flashes a bright smile. In the afterglow, she gently taps her clit, savoring the last little bursts of pleasure. Alice and Ophelia have a thoughtful chat about their attraction to women, and share their first experiences and fantasies. "Since I've been masturbating, I've thought about girls" Ophelia reveals, after lifting her dress to start rubbing between her legs. Alice unbuttons her top to free her perky breasts, and explains that she didn't have any same-sex desires, until her first kiss from a girl opened a door to new worlds of pleasure. The sexy stories inspire both of them to slip off their panties and sensually touch themselves. "Can I ask you something nicely? Can you put your foot down?" Alice shyly asks. A delighted smile floods Ophelia's face as she realizes Alice wants to have the best view of her pussy as she strokes it, and eagerly spreads her legs. Alice gratefully sighs as she watches Ophelia from the windowsill, while plunging two fingers deep into her vagina. Ophelia parts her meaty labia with her fingers to rub circles on her clit, and gazes back lovingly at Alice as their pleasure builds. The girls reach blissful orgasms at the same time, and their moans are mixed with sweet giggles and bright smiles. "I need to say thank you!" Alice exclaims. "Thank you! You put a lot of fantasies in my mind" Ophelia sighs. Gizela looks serene as she draws in bed, with her legs akimbo under the sheets. One hand drifts downward to touch herself over the bedclothes, leading her to throw them off to reveal her elegant panties. After removing her t-shirt to caress her perky nipples, she puts her sketchpad aside to focus on her pleasure. She teases her clit by stroking it with a pen, and tugs up her knickers to savor the delicious friction. Once she's fully nude, she settles into the pillows with her legs wide open, ready to satisfy her sexual needs. Gizela first parts her luxurious dark pubic hair and rubs into her vulva. With her other hand, she inserts two fingers deep into her pussy, and the room fills with deliciously sticky sounds. With her eyes shut tight in an erotic reverie, Gizela masturbates to a sensual orgasm, which makes her thighs quiver as she moans with release. She gets dressed after catching her breath, then shows off her drawing to the camera, flashing a warmly satisfied smile.

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