Predatory Photographer FUTA

Released at: May 9, 2018 by MissaX
Lyra Law is one of the most famous photographers in the world. She scouts models for major motion pictures, and she has personally found three of Hollywood's most successful actresses. Hollywood's most famous directors pay her to shoot the most beautiful, talented, and intelligent amateur models and actresses. The models are not paid money for these elegant photos, but they receive the grande prestige of being shot by Lyra Law and considered by the talented and famous to start their dream career. Lyra sends out a casting call on her website for a woman who is elegant enough to don a Vincent Lefebvre evening gown. Adria reads the advertisement, she's clamoring for the opportunity. Adria is a savvy young woman and she devises a plan to make herself stand out from the thousands of other entries. She decides to send her photo to Law's assistant, Channel Reneux, first. Adria carefully types, "Dear Channel, I would give anything to wear the Lefebvre gown with crystals and be considered by Law and yourself. Please see the attached photos. I have hand sewn a replica Lefebvre gown to show you what I might look like wearing the real thing. I hope my look is pleasing to you and will do justice to the stunning evening gown. Thank you for taking the time to consider me." It worked! Channel emailed her back and told her "if you can get the money to fly to Los Angeles, Law will consider you for the shoot." Adria knows this is not a guarantee to be considered for a Hollywood acting position but this is the first step in her dream to be a professional model and actress! Her heart filled with optimism and happiness and she cashed out her modest savings to fly across the country to Los Angeles to meet Ms. Lyra Law. She rang the doorbell of Ms. Law's home and she swung open the door dramatically. Adria bit her lower lip in nervousness, "I'm Adria Rae," she says sweetly. Lyra looks her up and down and sneers, "you'll have to do." Adria knows something is wrong. Is it her height? She stands short at 5'6 than most runway models. Could it be her casual clothing? Should she have worn a business suit? Unsettling thoughts whirl though her mind as Lyra grasps her hand and pulls her up the stairs, "come with me to my office," Lyra snaps. "Y- y- you have a beautiful home," Adria stammers. She arrives in the office of Lyra Law and looks around. There is no lighting crew, there are no floor to ceiling windows as she's seen in Time Magazine's profile on Lyra. She begins to sweat heavily. Adria wills herself to stop sweating, she tells herself to remain calm. Lyra takes her camera and looks at Adria through the lens. *flash, flash, flash!* The bright lights make Adria wince, Adria musters her courage to smile as she has practiced a million times for this very moment. Lyra makes mention of her short stature, and orders her into various poses on a lone white chair in the room. Adria looks at the white chair, stained with mysterious liquid of some sort. Sweat pours down Adria's face. Lyra asks her to remove her jacket, then her blouse as she takes photos. Lyra looks at her in hunger and lust, "You want to be a superstar?" Adria meekly replies, "I thought there would be evening gowns," Lyra cuts her off and tells her to open her legs. Adria's heart races. This is Lyra Law, a woman photographer, famous, why should she not do whatever Lyra tells her to do? Adria's body is starting to change from within. She is horrified, but she begins to feel a twinge on anger the more she is pushed by Lyra to take off more clothing. Adria is standing in her panties while Lyra takes snap shots of her bare skin, her breasts, her body bending in various lewd positions. Adria's heart beats, bl.o.od is coursing through her veins, her body is producing massive amounts of testosterone to give Adria the strength to survive this stressful situation. Lyra purrs, "yes, baby.. yes.." as she continues to take close up photos of Adria's perfectly fit body, her breasts, her heart-shaped ass. Adria's fist clench, she squints her eyes, she feels something in her panties swell and change. Lyra focuses her lens on Adria's pink panties becoming wet, swelling, Lyra purrs, "you've got a fat pussy, I bet you've got a big clit, oh honey, I love big clits." The change continues within Adria's body, swelling her clit, her hands clench, her clit grows. Lyra's eyes widen, "oh yeah... this is it!" Lyra is always looking for hot girls and she has a penchant for unusual features in women. Lyra looks at Adria's clit bursting through the panties and *flash, flash, flashes* the camera at it. "This is it! You're going to be famous.." Lyra licks her lips like a predator as she sees the perfect vulnerable little Adria as her prey. The change is complete when the thick clit is erect, Adria's muscles bulge, she no longer feels vulnerable, but vengeful. She looks at Lyra, she wants to bend this bitch over and take her. Adria needs to relieve the aching monster between her legs. Watch the story unfold..

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