Pornochic 3 - Cristal

Released at: April 18, 2006 by DORCEL (English)
Wicked Pictures in association with Marc Dorcel are pleased to offer you Cristal Pornochic 3. This third installment in this "All-Sex" series can stand up next to any videos from the American gonzo companies!! Cristal is packed with beautiful girls, and sizzling sex! There're lots of hot anal, BJs and three-way action! Great packaging, new-girls, hot sex ... it's all here in this new hot series!! Just as Lucy surrenders to her companion's wishes in the car, she realizes a mechanic is spying on their naughty game and she nearly jumps out of her seat. Lucy is driven by such extreme desires that she finds herself opening up her hidden treasures to both. Erotic situations and actresses with a delirious appetite for a man's pride and joy give this very colorful and original film a great aphrodisiac power.

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