Pornochic 2 - Katarina

Released at: March 23, 2006 by Dorcel
A couple having a quickie in the high tension room of an underground car park, a trio of lesbians who keep track of their sex games by taking pictures of themselves, a producer and a director who "check out" the potential of a starlet in the rooms of a luxury hotel, the lover of two bisexual nymphomaniacs, another couple, who leave their friends at the dinner table so they can have a storming sex session, and nine crazy individuals who take part in a crazy sex orgy. Quite a list, but what do all these people have in common? I'll give you a clue: all the girls are sexy and beautiful. All of them wear chic and sexy clothes. And all of them are extremely hot and up for anything. Without the slightest restraint, men and women alike surrender to the most extreme sex acts using every drop of their resources to reach ecstasy.

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