Petite Black 7

Released at: December 22, 2020 by Crave Media
Harmonie Marquise is super proud of her booty, and she loves to twerk to show it off. She already has already done a lot of partying, and has had all kinds of sexual experiences, so she wants to take it to the next level by fucking on film. She has had threesomes and orgies, and in her mind, there is no difference between a few people and a few million people watching! We will not argue with that logic, especially when a girl can give brain as well as Harmonie does. She rides our studs cock, twerking her ass as he gives her a meat injection that makes her toes curl. Then, the interracial bone session ends with a splash of nut all over Harmonies stomach. Keep fucking for the masses, Harmonie! Lotus Lain is new to the porn game, but she has a lot of goals already. She dreams of doing a gang bang one day and already loves sucking cock! As far as the craziest place she has ever had sex goes, it was the trunk of her car! Now, we have not heard that one before. But when this girl starts gyrating her hips on our studs long, thick cock, you can see the freak come out of her! Her dreads bob as she gets her ebony muff pounded from behind, loving the feeling of her pussy all filled up. Then she sucks our studs hog with a dick hungry abandon that only a budding porn star could have. Demi Sutra is a modern day feminist. She believes in women owning their own sexuality, which is why she is getting into the porn industry. She just wants to be a big slut, and nobody is going to tell her otherwise. Well, Demi, we salute you. Now, suck that dick! And Demi does. She slobbers on this cock like she is liberating a woman with every lick. Then she bends over and lets the dick slide into her black pussy from the back, just as the great feminist icon Susan B. Anthony once did. Well, maybe not... But still, you go Demi! She loves the peen so much she squirts like a fountain all over our stud, and we could not be prouder to see the progress she has made for all womankind. Get this woman on a motivational poster, because she is a goddamn inspiration! And she can sure as hell take a dick. Cute, bookish black chick Scarlit Scandal is new to porn, but she has some extra sexy skills to show off. She loves sucking cock, and she is always sneaking off to bang some lucky guy in her everyday life. So, she figured she might as well get paid to fuck on film! Today, she flirts playfully with our lucky stud before sliding his thick dick down her throat. She makes those lovely gagging noises that only a pro cocksucker can produce, and then does an about face to take a pounding from behind! Scarlit cums on our studs rod and begs for more as he stretches her tight pussy lips. This ebony babe definitely means business when it cums to pleasure!

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Demi Sutra

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