Perverted Stories 15

Released at: May 15, 2018 by JM Productions
"My Boy" Twenty five years ago Brandon's wife gave birth to a hideously deformed creature. Having died during the operation, Brandon had to raise the mutant creature by himself. But even though the little runt was a freak of nature who else can a father count on when the babysitter needs a double stuffing. "that's my boy!" "Sperm in a Bottle" It's been a wonderful vacation for our European visitor. Jogging through the Ozark mountains sounded like a blast. But this ain't Europe baby! Out here in the backwoods is the panty sniffer boys. They're so deranged they'll shove a funnel up your mouth so you don't miss a single drop of cum. "Floaters" Cops call them floaters. Bodies found floating in water. So picture the surprise of Terri, who finds a couple of them in her swimming pool. Seeing three naked men, Terri starts to fantasize about just how stiff a body can get. It's enough to raise the dead. "Crazy Skulls III" It's back to the valley of Crazy Skulls. This time a stranded motorist make sthe mistake of taking a leak on some cans. "Those are my cans- you're pissing on my cans." Baby, you to pay the Crazy Skulls cause they're Craaazzzy!

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Candy Hill

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Terri Star

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