Peepshow Loops 67: '70's & '80's (All Color)

Released at: February 17, 2010 by Blue Vanities
Classic vintage stag films, American and European porno loops, arcade nude, and strippers. Blue Vanities presents the greatest and hottest films from the 1920's to the 1980's. An exciting nostalgia trip. **Includes:** **SWEET BLONDE BEAUTY**, 1f-1m, Swedish Erotica #243 (Seka, Paul Thomas) **ORIENTAL ORGASMS**,, 3af-1m, Swedish Erotica #173 **HOT BOX**,, 1f-2m, Swedish Erotica #472 (Misty Regan, Alan Royce, Craig Roberts) **COED IN THE VAN**,, 1af-1bm, Swedish Erotica #85 (Linda Wong) **SATISFACTION GUARANTEED**,, 2f-1m, Swedish Erotica #354 (Eileen Wells, Kevin James) **BEDROOM ATHLETE**,, 1f-1m, Swedish Erotica #315 (Seka, Paul Thomas) **PIT STOP**,, 1f-1m, Swedish Erotica #199, Big Tits (Christine DeShaffer, Paul Thomas) **A MARINE COMES HOME**,, 2f-1m, Swedish Erotica #358 (Loni Sanders, Mike Ranger) **MISS-CONDUCT**, 2f-1m, Swedish Erotica #359 (Hillary Summers, Lisa Thatcher, Paul Thomas) **MADE IN HOLLYWOOD**,, 1f-1m, Swedish Erotica #444 (Desiree Vincent, John Leslie) **BANGKOK BOOBS**,, 2af,1wf-3m, Swedish Erotica #310, Danish **PUMPING FROM BOTH SIDES**,, 1f-2m, Swedish Erotica #443 (Laura Lazare, Michael Morrison, Mike Horner) **ROUSING PLEASURE**,, 1f-1m , Swedish Erotica #486 (Cara Lott, Joey Silvera) **CRAMMING FOR FINALS**,, 2f-1m, Swedish Erotica #292 (Lisa Thatcher, Sue Pearlman, Paul Thomas) **THE TIGRESS**,, 1f-1m, Golden Girls #72 (Victoria Jackson, Craig Roberts) **LONELY LONNIE**,, 1f-1m, Golden Girls #74 (Ken Starbuck) **LOVE LETTERS**,, 1f-1m, Golden Girls #75 (Eleanor Liquore, Ron Jeremy)

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